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Choose how you feel with our new bundle featuring a beautiful selection of our best-selling, cruelty-free and totally natural aromatherapy roll on’s at a generous discounted price.

sunply select this package and we will email you asking which oils you’d like. Please note we are out of stock of the Calm and Purify oils. 

Sleep roll on:
Fractionated (non scented) coconut oil, Lavandula grosso herb oil, Marjoram leaf oil, Lemon peel oil, Cedarwood oil, Lavandula angustifolia oil, Chamomile flower oil, Rosmarinus leaf extract

This aromatic blend has essential oils traditionally used to help melt away stress and to encourage a better night’s sleep. This blend will make you smell beautiful – with oils like lavandula grosso and chamomile, which have been traditionally used in aromatherapy for the temporary relief of symptoms associated with sleeplessness. This is the perfect scent to unwind and relax.


Uplifting roll on:
Fractionated (non scented) coconut oil, Orange peel oil, Fennel oil, Cardamom oil, Clove leaf oil, Rosmarinus leaf extract, Cinnamon Bark oil

With a rich, warm, strong, chai scent, this is the perfect blend for those times throughout your day when you need to be revitalised. This emotionally energising blend provides an invigorating combination of essential oils including cardamom and cinnamon to provides an uplifting aroma.

Let Go roll on:
Fractionated (non scented) coconut oil, Patchouli leaf oil, Orange peel oil, lime peel oil, Ylang Ylang flower oil, Rosemarinus officinalis oil, Rose damascena oil

Inhale beauty and exhale stress with this decadent blend of oils. This makes a heavenly deep, crisp natural perfume with floral notes of rose and geranium as well as ylang ylang and lime. You have no choice but to surrender to it’s beauty and let go of and negative emotions.

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